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In a divorce, the papers get signed when the parties reach a settlement. There is a lot of work that goes into getting to that point, whether it’s filing the pleadings or exchanging information with the other side.

How Long Will It Take For The Divorce Or Custody Decree To Be Finalized?

Once you reach an agreement, the only remaining thing to be done is to schedule a hearing with the judge. It’s called a final hearing, which lasts about five minutes, and it can normally be done within 10 days after you have signed the final settlement agreement.

What Is The Official Divorce Date And Does It Matter?

The official divorce date is the date when the judge signs your final judgment. It does not have a lot of legal significance. It can be important, if you’re waiting to marry someone else. It also changes your tax status from that point. Another thing it does is end the opportunity for the two of you to continue on the same health insurance.

After Divorce Do I Have Any Legal Right To Continue Health Coverage?

Once you get divorced, you cannot continue on a family policy. The divorced spouse is going to have to either get insurance through their employer or out on the open market. You can continue to cover your children, if you have children, but the two spouses will no longer be on the same health insurance policy.

Should I Remove My Spouse From My Health Care Coverage Plan Before Filing For Divorce?

The typical practice is for both parties to continue to maintain the financial status quo. If you are providing health insurance through your employer to your spouse, you’re going to continue that health insurance up until the divorce is final. One of the reasons for that is if you try to take your spouse off your policy, the insurance company is going to ask why, because that spouse has to have the ability to get insurance somewhere else. As long as they’re married to you, you’re going to be looked at as the primary source for insurance for that person. It is not a good idea to cut off your spouse’s health insurance before the case is finalized.

Will The Judge Make The Other Side Continue Healthcare Coverage For My Children In A Final Divorce Decree?

If the children are already on your insurance policy, you absolutely must continue to cover the children on your health insurance policy. It is a right of the children to have health insurance, as long as it is financially available.

Can I Take Anything If I Move Out Of My House During A Divorce?

If you make the choice to move out of the house, you can absolutely take your personal belongings. You should not be taking any household items, like furniture or fixtures, without the agreement of the other party.

What If My Ex Doesn’t Comply With The Terms Of Our Divorce Or Custody Decree? What Can I Do?

Once you have a divorce or custody decree and the other side is not complying, you can go back to court on what is called a motion for enforcement or contempt, depending on what the issue is. You will go back to court and present to the judge what the problem is. The judge will order the noncompliant party to do what they are supposed to do or to remedy whatever the situation is.

How Can I Get My Things Out Of The Home If The Other Party Is Still Living There?

The best thing to do is to reach some kind of agreement with your spouse. If that is not going to work, then you can go to court and go in front of the judge to get a specific time and a specific list of what you’re going to get. I always encourage my clients to agree on what can and can’t be taken. You can always take your personal belongings. As far as bigger things, like furniture or fixtures that are attached to the wall, that will get divided up before the end of the case.

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