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How can you prepare for summer vacation after a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Family Law

Following a divorce, your first summer break with your kids may be one of the hardest. Typically, you may have handled summer as a family. You have to divide your kids’ time between you and your former spouse.

According to Kids in the Middle, planning for summer break does not have to be stressful.

Work on the calendar ahead of time

You and your ex may want to come together before summer begins to talk about important dates. For example, if your spouse has a summer birthday, you may not want to plan your camping trip on the same weekend. If you have travel plans, share them with your co-parent as far in advance as possible.

Be open to compromise when necessary

While you should do your best to coordinate before you make any firm reservations, you try to stay open to compromise. You may have to change some of your dates to fit each other’s schedules and still maximize your time with your children. If your ex wants one of your weekends for a trip, try to think about what you may want in the same situation. You may need to exchange visitation dates.

Keep in contact with your children

Neither co-parent needs to distance themselves from the children. Call them or arrange a video meeting to talk when your children are with the other parent. Likewise, help them contact their other parents when you have your kids. You may even want to help them pick out souvenirs for their other parent while on vacation.

Even if coordinating sounds like a pain sometimes, it may help you and your kids enjoy your vacation.