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What happens to a stay-at-home parent during divorce?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Family Law

Stepping aside from your work life to concentrate on your family was a decision that made sense all those years ago. Now that you and your spouse are calling it quits, how will you continue with no income?

A divorce does not mean a stay-at-home parent must suffer financial humiliation. Florida law allows a variety of relief options to help an unemployed spouse in the wake of divorce. Learn a bit about what your options are amid this tumultuous life change.

What is spousal support?

Financial help in the form of spousal support or alimony after divorce. These are payments from your spouse that supplement or provide income. Spousal support is often temporary, and the court often intends it to expire after you become employed. However, in longer marriages, you may still receive alimony many years after the divorce.

How will a judge split the money?

Property split during a divorce may go a long way in helping you regain some financial ground. Judges encourage couples to divide property in a fair and equitable way. Absent an agreement between you, the court steps in and looks at income earned and overall contribution to the marriage. For example, if you stayed home to care for your kids and allowed your spouse to advance through the employment ranks, your support made his or her income possible. Thus, you may get more of the marital finances than your spouse.

Put an end to the thoughts based on not deserving financial compensation after your divorce because you did not earn an income. Stay-at-home parents provide a crucial function in marriage, and you deserve a fair slice of the pie.