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Data reveals the prevalence of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Family Law

When it comes to ending your marriage, you could have many different issues to take into consideration. For example, you might have uncertainty about how divorce will affect your children, or you might worry about the various financial effects of the divorce process (legal costs, property division, child support, etc.).

Sometimes, people have anxiety about their divorce because they worry about how other people will react. For example, you might worry about how your parents, friends, family members and even people in the community will respond to your divorce. Looking at statistics on the divorce process can provide confidence, serving as a reminder that many other couples get divorced each year.

The number of people who end their marriage

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published data on the prevalence of divorce in the U.S. According to statistics, more than 630,000 couples ended their marriage in 2019, and this does not include data from five states. To look at this data in another way, 2.3 for every 1,000 people got a divorce in 2019, based on information from 45 states and Washington D.C.

Approaching the divorce process with confidence

If you want to move on from a marriage that is not working out, you should approach divorce with a confident attitude. Do not let the opinions of others prevent you from taking necessary steps to work toward a brighter future, and do not feel guilty about your decision to end your marriage if you determine that doing so serves your best interests. Also, make sure you take an individualized approach to your divorce and the unique issues you face.