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“My future wife had created a PNA that I needed a family lawyer to review. Mr. Lieber was recommended to me by an attorney friend. It was a great recommendation. Mr. Lieber was able to accommodate my schedule and meet when it was convenient for me. He was very upfront and honest about his costs and how much time his services would take. He thoroughly reviewed the document and provided me comprehensive feedback and suggestions with thorough explanations. He was very patient with me with any questions that I had, or any alterations that I needed from the document.”Jason

“Having some experience with family attorneys I found Rand Lieber to be well grounded, level headed and most unusual in the family law business; he put my family’s financial consideration before his own. He is a level headed litigator with a bright mind and common sense. I would not hesitate to recommend hiring Rand to deal with most any adversary in the family law arena.”Bob

“Sorry but Divorce will become your business deal . Take breath just think like a business person get thru it. I had Long marriage , he handled my divorce with the best service , assistants and overall a person who gets the job done. He listens and thinks outside box when necessary. I highly recommend him .”June

“Rand is a reliable and hardworking attorney. He showed extreme patience and understanding when explaining certain issues and ways to handle them. He is very knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. I could have never made it without him. Two thumbs up!”Jennifer

“Mr. Lieber was a great help to me during my divorce. This was a very tough time in my life. Mr. Lieber was always very understanding and thorough. He always made sure I clearly understood everything regarding my situation. I felt that I could trust Mr. Lieber & that he was always looking out for my best interests. I hope none of my family or friends have to experience a divorce, but if they do I would gladly recommend Mr. Lieber.”Perry

“Mr. Lieber has worked on several aspects of my original divorce settlement. He was readily available to assist with any questions I had during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend his legal expertise to anyone in need of counsel.”A Satisfied Client

“Rand Lieber is an excellent attorney who guided me thru what otherwise might have been a traumatic experience. His analytical ability made the settlement anything but a fight. I would highly recommend Rand. You will not be sorry!”Lenny

“Rand Scott Lieber was referred to me from a family friend of mine. Right from the start I felt that Mr. Lieber was not like any attorney. Mr. Lieber treats his clients as family and is a very honest attorney. When I contacted Mr. Lieber regarding my divorce he was very understand. Mr. Lieber was very concerned with matters outside of the case. Mr Lieber treated my son and I as family when we met him. Mr. Lieber is reachable during any time of the day which gave me peace of mind. One aspect which I loved from Mr. Lieber was that he would contact me regard and expressed concern for my family matters. Mr. Lieber is not like other attorneys who treat their clients like cash cows. Other attorneys would not work with me in getting 50/50 time shared when seeing my son. Mr. Lieber was able to help me split time in order to see my son. Mr. Lieber helped my family in a very crucial time. I would recommend Mr. Lieber to all of my friends.”Enock

“Attorney Rand Lieber is absolutely amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of family law. He is the attorney you can trust when you have a problem. I have consulted with him on numerous occasions. He has always been quick to respond, and gives great legal advice. Hire him and you wont go wrong!”Sasha D.

“Amazing attorney! Understands your concerns and gives the best advice. Does not pressure you in choosing him as a legal attorney. Divorces are horrible and even child support is stressful. Attorney Rand has an amazing way of calming you and acting quick!”Alexandra V.

“While most couples who seek family therapy resolve their differences, some still pursue a divorce. For client who pursue a divorce, I strongly recommend Rand Leiber for mediation services in order for the couple to reduce costs, maintain harmony with child custody agreements, and keep the channels of communication open and respectful.”Doug N.

“Rand is incredibly well versed in all areas of Family Law and is an absolute pleasure to be around. You can count on Rand and Splitsville for excellent service at a fair price. He comes highly recommended!”Ryan T.

“I just attended a meeting where attorney, Rand Lieber was the main speaker. He was informed and professional, setting just the right tone. He is obviously very experienced and dedicated to his clients. I would refer to him with confidence.”Sharon P.

“Rand is an excellent attorney who I recommend to all of my clients and anyone who needs effective representation in a divorce. Besides being well-versed in the intricacies of the law, he represents his clients with a tenacity that is truly nothing short of zealous advocacy.”L. G.

“Rand Lieber is an amazing attorney; he is knowledgeable, very professional and genuinely care about his clients. If you are looking for the best legal representation during a divorce call the law office of Rand Lieber.”Indira M.

“If someone is looking for a Family Attorney who is going to truly listen and work with you in your children’s best interest, he’s your guy.”Allyson T.

“Rand offers experience at reasonable prices.”Chelsie C.