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Hollywood has big problems when it comes to marriages falling apart. — They met on the set of their new $250M budget summer blockbuster action movie, got married three weeks after wrap on a small island they picked up for a steal surrounded by a handful of media moguls, pop stars, and A-list celebs. But twelve weeks later, it’s splitsville. Divorce is never easy or fun, but it’s certainly less painful if you own a small island.

But then there’s the rest of us, who live in that other Hollywood—Hollywood, Florida. While those of us who reside in Hollywood, Florida might not be starring in a big tent pole action movie, or having lunch with Beyoncé or Ariana Grande, in our humble opinion, we’d take our beautiful Hollywood, Florida over that ‘other’ Hollywood any day. With our breathtaking beaches, mangrove trails, kayaking, vibrant arts scene, and strong communities of great people, Hollywood, Florida is a wonderful place to call home. But even in an idyllic environment, good people sometimes reach an impasse in their relationships. People grow apart, problems arise, there are many possible scenarios, and when a marriage is coming to an end there are a hundred and one issues to be resolved.

Seven Things You Should Expect From A Good Divorce Attorney | Lieber Law Group, P.A. | Florida Family Lawyers

Devising a Plan

A savvy divorce law attorney will help you devise a plan to handle the myriad of tasks and legal processes that will be necessary to see your divorce through its completion. From drawing up documents to meeting with your spouse’s attorney, and so much more, a seasoned divorce law attorney will let you know how each step needs to be handled and walk with you through every one. Whether your spouse and your spouse’s attorney are cooperative or not, if you’ve hired a skilled divorce law attorney in Hollywood, FL, then they’ll know how to handle every scenario, because they’ve done it before.

Demanding Financials / Handling Pensions, etc.

Your divorce law attorney will demand all financial documents that your spouse is in possession of, in order to get a clear understanding of what is to be divided. Additionally, if your spouse has any pensions or employee benefits, your divorce law attorney will request and gather the appropriate documents and accounts.

Bringing in Experts

A good divorce law attorney will assess the divorce and all elements, and bring in experts, such as appraisers for valuations, forensic accountants, etc., when necessary to get a clear picture of all holdings, properties, investments, and the like.

Handling Custody Issues

When children are involved, you’ll need an expert who understands the legal issues that pertain to custody. It cannot be understated that an attorney’s missteps can sometimes lead to problems with retaining custody of your children, so be sure to always choose a Hollywood, FL divorce law attorney who has the experience in this area, because custody of your children is the most important issue of any divorce proceeding.

Securing Witnesses

You may not realize it, but other people can often have a great impact on your divorce and its ultimate outcome. A savvy divorce law attorney will take the lead and aggressively line up witnesses who can support the case on your behalf.

Providing Outstanding Communication

If you’ve hired a great divorce law attorney you should expect excellent communication throughout the entire proceeding. This means verbal and written communication. Not only should your Hollywood, FL divorce law attorney keep you informed on a regular basis regarding the correspondence with your spouse’s attorney and progress in the case, he or she should also let you know when important actions or notifications have come in from the court regarding your case.

Going to Trial / Prepping You

Your divorce law attorney should also make you aware of how your case lines up with existing law, and let you know where your weak spots are, if any exist. Your divorce law attorney should advise you on not only what they are doing to prepare for court, but they should advise you on what to expect, how you should prepare yourself, what to wear, how to act, etc. In short, they should get you ready to make the best appearance possible, so the court empathizes with you and sees our point of view, which will help you to secure the best possible outcome.

Affordable Representation For Marriage Dissolution In South Florida

When a marriage ends, the process of divorce can make an already difficult situation even more painful, but a strong, successful divorce attorney can lessen that pain. At Splitsville Family Law, we recognize the toll divorce can take on even the strongest of people. To that end, we will help to resolve your divorce efficiently and affordably through strong legal advocacy. Rand Lieber is both a skilled litigator and an effective negotiator who will guide you through the process that best fits your circumstances and the outcome you desire. Whether your breakup is amicable or bitter, we will represent your interests with the tenacity you deserve. From start to finish, we will be available to discuss your questions and concerns, providing you with personalized attention.

The Basics Of Divorce In Florida

In Florida, divorce is referred to as a dissolution of marriage. Florida does not allow divorce on fault grounds; the only requirement is that one of the parties must prove that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Either party can file for divorce as long as one of them has been a resident of Florida for the six months preceding the filing. Whether you need help with a simplified dissolution or expect a long, protracted fight, we will represent your interests effectively and efficiently.

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Experienced Attorney Helps Clients Divide Marital Debt

When marital debt is involved, we will help sort out whether debts are part of the marriage or separate under Florida law. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on who will be responsible for outstanding debt, we will address the matter in court. We won’t let a debt that you aren’t legally responsible for become a burden on your future.

Child Support Attorney In Florida Protects Your Children’s Financial Welfare

Florida courts stress that each parent is responsible for supporting their children. Support can include health insurance, school tuition, and other essentials. As with nearly any other matter in a divorce, parents are free to draft an agreement they both can live with. We can guide you through this process to make sure that the agreement is an equitable one.

When parents cannot agree on support, Florida law has established guidelines to help the court determine an equitable arrangement that is in the best interest of the children. In addition to these guidelines, external factors may require some modification of the payment structure and amount of support. Whether you must pay support or are expecting to receive it, we will ensure the court has the information it needs to make a fair determination.

Experienced Advocacy For Property Division In Florida Divorces

When it comes to dividing property in a divorce, Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital property — property acquired by either spouse during the marriage — must be split fairly but not necessarily evenly. Determining what constitutes marital property and separate property can be complicated, so it’s essential you are guided by an experienced attorney who understands the laws in Florida governing asset division. We ensure the court has a full financial accounting of personal property, bank accounts, stocks and other assets so that it can make an accurate decision that protects your financial rights.

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Divorce is difficult under even the best circumstances. If your marriage is ending, you deserve personalized support from an experienced divorce attorney. Splitsville Family Law will work to protect your interests and those of your children in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. To schedule an initial appointment at our Hollywood office, call us right away at (954) 928-9995 or contact us online.

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