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Hollywood, Florida is a great place to live, a great place to raise a family, and a wonderful place to retire or vacation. In short, we have a lot to offer everyone. Our communities are strong and our beaches—unparalleled. It’s no surprise that Hollywood, Florida is a consistent choice for individuals who want to start a family and be part of a community that is as beautiful as it is welcoming. Families do well in Hollywood, Florida, but no family is immune to potential problems, and that’s where we can help. We are a top Hollywood, FL family law attorney you can count on.

Marital conflict is, unfortunately, quite common, so if you are experiencing marital problems or conflict, don’t feel that you are alone, because you are not. According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US the marriage rate is 6.9 per 1,000 total population, but the divorce rate is 2.9 per 1,000 population (data from 45 reporting states as well as D.C.), so as you can see, many people have trouble in their marriages. You are not alone, and a family law attorney can help.

If you find yourself in the midst of a marital conflict, you will benefit from counsel. An experienced family law attorney in Hollywood, FL can help you to navigate the often complex and troubling seas of conflict and divorce. Don’t go it alone; work with a seasoned family law attorney and protect yourself. Can you file for a divorce on your own? Absolutely. But if you’re experiencing marital conflict and possibly heading toward divorce, you’d be wise to consult with a skilled, experienced Hollywood, FL family law attorney. Divorce can bring many issues into play, such as alimony, child custody and visitation, child support, child support modification and enforcement, mediation, as well as pre- and post-nuptial agreements. It is important to navigate each and every issue carefully, because simple mistakes could mean increased alimony payments or child support, modification you don’t approve of, denial of visitation you believe you deserve, or even loss of custody altogether.

Of course you may navigate every issue on your own quite well, but is it worth taking the risk? Whether you are a machinist by trade, a nurse, a CEO, an accountant, an IT professional, a US Army staff sergeant, or engaged in any of a myriad of other important careers, would you feel confident about someone new walking into your position and performing your tasks with skill and precision, having never done your job before? Probably not. You’ve worked long and hard to master your craft, to be exceptional at your job, and so have we. Therefore, when you know you’re entering into a situation where you’ll need to prepare for marital legal issues including possibly divorce, leave the heavy lifting to an experienced pro. You need a family law attorney in Hollywood, FL who has been down this road before, one who knows how to navigate the complex legal landscape that marital conflicts and divorce inhabit.

At Lieber Law Group, P.A., we understand how difficult family law issues can be, and we know that matters are sensitive. Emotions are involved, children are suffering, and you need to resolve all issues to ensure that your family is protected and cared for. We put children first in all our endeavors as we know that your children are your top priority, but we also work to ensure that your financial areas are covered, so the ensuing divorce discussions, or potential battles if the divorce is contentious, will not leave you in a compromised position financially.

Many divorces are amicable, but some are not, and while you’ll need counsel through a divorce proceeding regardless of the relative temperature in the room, if emotions are running hot, you’ll need to be extra careful, because your spouse’s attorney could be out for blood. Regardless of your situation, when you have a family law issue, we can help. As a top Hollywood, FL family law attorney, we know how to resolve issues and we have a solid track record of winning, and producing favorable outcomes for our long list of satisfied clients. Contact us today to begin discussing your family law matters. Simple or complex, amicable or contentious, we’ve handled every kind and we will handle all your family law matters including divorce, with skill and expertise. We are your family law attorney in Hollywood, FL.

Full-Service Family Law Firm Serving Hollywood

If you are experiencing the frustrations of marital conflict, Splitsville Family Law can help. We have ample experience serving families in the Hollywood area. Our attorneys provide legal services in all branches of family law, including:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Child support modification and enforcement
  • Divorce
  • Mediation
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements


Divorce should not lead to financial crises. Our attorneys help you establish an equitable amount of spousal support.

Child Custody And Visitation

Our divorce attorneys protect your parental rights to raise your children in an appropriate and supportive home.

Child Support

Our attorneys can help ensure that you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy, happy environment.

Child Support Modification And Enforcement

Child support payments do not change unless the court modifies the child support order. If either the custodial or noncustodial parent experiences a significant change in circumstances, our attorneys can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your child support payments accordingly.


Through mediation or litigation, our skilled divorce law attorneys can help you gain the most equitable results from your divorce, including fair distribution of assets, division of marital home, child support payments, and child custody rights.


Mediation puts the decisions in your hands, and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than a trial. Our skilled negotiators can help you obtain the most equitable divorce settlement.

Pre- And Post-Nuptial Agreements

We expect the unexpected and draft premarital agreements that not only protect both spouses’ interests, but can also alleviate some of the stress should you ever divorce.

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