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A paternity case is a case where two people have had a child and they are not married. In Florida, the mother has 100% rights to the child upon birth, unless and until the father goes to court to establish paternity.

Does The Mother Decide When The Father Gets To See The Children?

The mother is in complete control of the child until the father goes to court to establish his timesharing rights. Without that court order, the mother can completely keep the child away from the father.

Does An Unmarried Father Pay Child Support In Florida?

In Florida, child support is a right that belongs to the child. If the mother applies to the court for child support, then the father has to pay child support, even if he chooses not to be involved in the child’s life.

Is It Easier To Get Custody If My Name Is On The Birth Certificate Of My Child?

Having your name on the birth certificate is not a guarantee of paternity. In Florida, however, there is an affidavit of paternity that you can execute at the time of the birth, which will establish legal paternity. Having your name on the birth certificate, by itself, does not get you any rights.

If I Was Not Listed On My Child’s Birth Certificate and I Want To Establish A Relationship With My Child, What Should I Do?

If you are not listed as your child’s father, you need to go to court and file a petition for paternity. In the petition for paternity, you will ask for what sort of timesharing schedule you want with the child and the court will order it based on both of the parents’ abilities to care for the child.

What Is a Putative Father? How Do I Register?

Florida has what’s called a putative father registry. If you suspect or know that you are the father of a child who is about to be born, you can file with the state of Florida for the putative father registry, letting them know that you believe that you are the father of a child who is about to be born. The only thing getting on the putative father registry accomplishes is that if the mother gives birth and tries to give the child up for adoption, the putative father registry will be checked to see if anyone has claimed that they may be the father of the child. At which point, the father who registered would be contacted. The real way to protect your rights is to file a petition for paternity.

If I Am Unmarried And Father A Child, Should I Consult My Attorney?

It’s always best to speak to an attorney, so that you can find out what your parental rights and responsibilities are. Even if you choose not to pursue them, you cannot get out of the child support obligation. If you father a child in Florida, you are going to have a child support obligation until that child turns 18 or finishes high school.

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