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Protecting Your Children, Protecting Yourself: A Hollywood, FL Paternity Law Attorney You Can Count On!

If you’ve gone through a divorce recently, or been involved with a child support case, you are undoubtedly quite familiar with the terms ‘child support’ and ‘paternity’ and all that they entail. However, if you’re about to begin a court process, it’s important to note that establishing paternity is essential in order for the court to provide the legal guidance it was designed to hand down. But determining who’s the father sometimes proves to be a more difficult task than you might expect. In its most basic sense, ‘paternity,’ or more specifically the establishment of paternity, is the legal process implemented by the court to ascertain exactly who is the child’s biological father. Obviously to be a good father, it takes more than simple biology, but in the eyes of the court, in regard to establishing paternity—biology is what matters. The court must determine the biological father before it can lay down the law, or rather, enforce the law, regarding assigning rights and responsibilities as they pertain to the child or children. For example, paternity must be established in order to assign rights to custody or even visitation, and to enforce the legally-mandated duty to pay child support. As you can see, establishing paternity is pretty important. Anyone who claims to be a parent can ask the court to get involved in order to establish paternity. Additionally, the court may take up the issue on its own.

In every situation, hiring a paternity law attorney in Hollywood, FL is a wise choice. The laws regarding custody and paternity, child support and visitation, etc. can be rather complex and one mistake can cost you dearly. Imagine if you made an error handling the case on your own, and failed to convince the court that you deserve the custody you are seeking? A mistake could put your visitation rights in jeopardy.

Imagine being denied valuable time with your child as he or she is growing up. You cannot get back those years, and no amount of photos or social media can ever replace the experience of just being one on one with your child, sharing their life and watching them grow into an amazing young adult. They’re only young once, and each moment is precious. Don’t risk missing those valuable moments with your child; make no mistakes in your case. Play it smart and hire a Hollywood, FL paternity law attorney who is seasoned, one who knows the game and knows how to win. Paternity cases are perhaps the most important of all, and as an attorney with over twenty-years experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to see your case through, till we reach a beneficial outcome for you.

Consider the compromised life you and your child would have to lead if you suddenly had to live on one parent’s salary as opposed to both, or if you never had more than one income to start with. Establishing paternity is an important step toward financial security for your child, and after all, what’s more important than ensuring that your child has the food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare they need to thrive? Nothing, nothing is more important than that, and this is why you need the best paternity law attorney you can get. Don’t delay, get the jump on your case and call us right away. We’ll fight for your rights and for your financial security, always with your child or children’s best interests in mind.

Hollywood Lawyers Address The Privileges And Responsibilities Of Parenthood

Splitsville Family Law has assisted many women in establishing the legal paternity of their children, and helped numerous men obtain parental rights to their children. Additionally, we have a wealth of experience handling cases in which the paternity is in question. Perhaps one of the most wonderful advances in societal norms of the past half-century is the greater participation of fathers in the day-to-day care of their children. No longer can it be assumed that mothers carry the responsibility alone, and a large percentage of fathers now fully participate in the joys and burdens of raising children. As a result of this changing role, a greater interest in fathers’ rights has emerged. Despite the increase in the number of divorces and single parents in Florida, more and more fathers desire to actively participate in their children’s critical formative years.

Whether your unique personal situation involves a father’s right to be closer to a child or the intention to prove paternity, contact us today.

Valuable Counsel For Your Paternity Action

Paternity actions in Florida can be filed by men or women. Once one party files, any component of the relationship — such as visitation — can instantly become an issue.

We can counsel you if you’re a mother who wants to use a paternity suit to identify the father of your child for purposes of establishing child support obligations. We also represent fathers whose paternity suits are aimed at gaining child custody and visitation rights, as well as those who want to establish that they are not the father in a given case.

We can call on DNA testing resources to establish or disprove paternity, and we negotiate and draft relevant documents for our clients. Every aspect of our firm’s paternity practice is carried out with utmost discretion and privacy.

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