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After a divorce, there is a certain loss of freedom of choice if a child is involved. Therefore, not only must you obey the decisions outlined after the divorce handed down by the judge, but you are also obligated to maintain these decisions regardless of your personal wishes. This is what makes relocating with a child so challenging after a divorce. Not only will there be the possibility of a lengthy court proceeding, but there may also be pushback from the opposing spouse who can challenge your request to relocate.

To best prepare your case, it is vital to communicate and stay in contact with a child relocation lawyer who is familiar with the Child Custody Relocation Rules and Considerations normally taken into account when the case will be brought to court. In Hollywood, FL, the best option is Lieber Law Group, P.A. To begin the preparation process, call today to schedule an initial consultation.

What The Court Considers In Child Relocation Requests?

The first and foremost consideration in any decisions relating to child custody is the wellbeing of that child and what action will be in their best interest. To determine this, the court will often bring in experts and have both parties provide evidence and testimony on why a relocation may or may not be in the child’s best interest. For example, if the child has established academic or extracurricular obligations, it may be beneficial for that child to remain in the area they currently reside.

However, if you wish to relocate your child, there will always be a winner and loser, as mentioned before. Even if you are granted the relocation, you will still be obligated to fulfill other requirements set out by the courts to maintain the child’s relationship with the opposing party.

The decision can also be appealed if the opposing party is unsatisfied with the end result, so it is essential to have a good child custody relocation attorney at your side to ensure you will have the best protection available from retaliation. Remember, the child’s best interest is the most critical consideration in these cases, so ensuring the relocation is in their best interest and is objectively provable before going to court is wise.

For this, Lieber Law Group, P.A., in Hollywood, FL, is here to help. With extensive experience in matters of family law, we are familiar with child relocation proceedings and the considerations necessary to build a successful case. However, without the right help, it can be incredibly difficult to build a compelling case. It can be easy to miss critical aspects of the case that can make or break the effort, and there may be the need to bring n experts or outside resources to help bolster it. To begin the process, contact our office in Hollywood, FL, to schedule a consultation and start discussing your situation. From there, we will strategize and begin creating your case, giving you the best possible chance at a favorable outcome. So don’t wait and call today!

Relocation is the most difficult and expensive issue in family law. It is the one area of family law where one party really does win and the other loses, in the sense that one of those parties is going to be spending less time with their children. There is a specific law in Florida on relocation and there are specific rules that you need to follow in order to relocate. The court is always going to look at what is in the best interest of the child or the children. The court can prohibit the parent from taking the child with them, in which case the child would stay with the parent who is remaining local.

In determining the child’s best interests, they’re going to look at issues like how long the child has been in the geographic area. They’ll consider what the relocation will do to the quality of the relationship between the child and the non-relocating parent. If you are the parent who wants to relocate, you need to be ready to show the court what is going to happen and what you are going to do to make sure that the quality of the relationship with the parent who’s getting left behind is going to stay strong. That burden is going to be on you.

Are Things Like Parenting Time And Child Support Adjusted When A Parent Relocates With A Child?

When a relocation happens, all of the financial aspects are reviewed. The child support will be recalculated. The overnights will probably be changing. In Florida, you can include travel expenses and other things related to the long-distance timesharing and have them offset against the child support amount.

Can I Appeal A Relocation Decision Granted By The Court?

Everything in family law is appealable. Some things have a higher or lower rate of success but if a relocation is granted, you can absolutely appeal that decision.

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