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Divorce Or Paternity Issues? The Family Law Attorneys At Splitsville Family Law Are Here To Assist

Family law encompasses some of the most sensitive, emotionally difficult, and complex issues within the law, which makes trying to navigate it alone difficult, if not impossible. An experienced and compassionate family law attorney will provide you with the knowledge, experience, and support to help you through what could be one of the most difficult times of your life. The attorneys at Splitsville Family Law don’t view their clients as case numbers, but as individuals with a unique set of circumstances, history, goals, and desires.

Whether you’re actively seeking a divorce or still reeling from the realization that your marriage may not last as long as you’d hoped, your wisest step forward is to retain the services of a family law attorney who will sit down with you, provide you and your story with the attention it deserves, lay out your options openly and transparently, discuss the best ways to go about protecting your rights and assets, and guide you each step of the way toward picking up and moving on with your life in Hollywood, FL.

Facing your problems head on may at first seem intimidating, but having a good understanding of what you’re likely to experience can go a long way in giving you the confidence you need in order to obtain what you deserve.

Needing A Divorce And Knowing Where To Turn

Realizing you need a divorce is likely to lead to many questions. Who will continue living in the house, you or your spouse? Will you still be able to spend just as much time with your children? Will you have enough money to pay the bills? These are just a few of the many questions that are probably running through your mind, making it hard to think clearly and actually take action toward getting your answers. With over 20 years’ worth of experience answering these questions for his clients, Attorney Rand Lieber will be your best resource in Hollywood, FL, advising you on every aspect of family law that relates to your individual circumstances. Some of the most common elements of a divorce include the following:

Child custody- Any divorce case that involves a minor child will require a parenting plan, which will lay out which parent has legal decision-making authority, as well as the details of a visitation schedule. In most cases, the court will grant time-sharing rights to both parents in an effort to provide the child with a stable support system and the chance to maintain a good relationship with each parent. Even under the best of circumstances, trying to negotiate a parenting plan with your spouse can be difficult and lead to conflict. The divorce attorneys at the Splitsville Family Law, in Hollywood, FL will be your best resource in protecting your and your child’s rights, and ensuring that their best interests are met.

Child support- In large part, a child support agreement will depend on the custody arrangement, as the amount of child support will be determined by the number of overnight visits each parent has with the child. In Hollywood, FL, child support is determined by statutory formulas, and in most cases, judges cannot make significant changes to these determinations unless they have good reason to do so. An experienced divorce attorney will not only be able to explain the elements of child support—which can include medical and child care costs, extracurricular activity expenses, and costs associated with a child’s special needs—but also ensure that neither parent is stretched beyond their means in financially supporting their child.

Division of assets- In any divorce case in Hollywood, FL, the division of assets will begin with a determination of marital versus non-marital assets. The categorization of each is not always a straightforward process, but it’s a critically important one when it comes to protecting what’s rightfully yours and ensuring that you have the easiest transition from married life to living life on your own. Having an experienced attorney by your side will prove fruitful in obtaining an equitable division of marital assets, which will put you in the best position possible for moving forward with your life.

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Paternity Issues In Hollywood, FL: Protect Your Rights With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

Paternity issues arise when two parents share a child but are not married to each other. Whether you’re a mother seeking child support from the father of your child, or a father aiming to establish your rights as a father, establishing paternity is the first step. The attorneys at Splitsville Family Law in Hollywood, FL have experience representing both mothers and fathers in paternity actions, and will be able to advise you each step of the way.

Paternity Issues In Hollywood, FL: Protect Your Rights With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

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