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Getting The Time-Sharing Agreement You Deserve

Time-sharing in a divorce refers to the time that each spouse spends with their children once the divorce settles. Time-sharing can finalize as various forms of visitation and custody arrangements, and an experienced attorney can help you pursue the outcome that is right for you and your kids.

At Splitsville Family Law, attorney Rand Liber offers his clients compassionate and committed representation through these delicate matters. He knows the laws surrounding these kinds of legal issues, and he understands how to guide you to the best possible outcome for you and your whole family.

Typical Time-Share Agreements

There are many types of time-share agreements that parents can settle on. A few examples of these agreements include:

  • Alternating weeks, where kids swap living with a parent every week
  • The 3-4-4-3 schedule, where kids rotate between parents after three days, four days, another four days, and three days
  • Every weekend schedules
  • Majority agreements, like an 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40 arrangement

If the parents cannot come to a mutual time-share agreement, a judge will need to decide. Judges often make their decision based on factors like each parent’s responsibilities, the child’s preferences, which environment is more stable, the needs of the child and the parent’s willingness to participate in extracurricular activities with the child.

Present Your Best Case For Your Time-Share Agreement

When you are trying to secure the time-share agreement that you and your kids need, attorney Lieber can help you assemble supporting evidence and present it to a judge or negotiate with the other parent to work toward a favorable solution in a timely manner. If you are ready to pursue the outcome you deserve in your time-share agreement, call his Hollywood office of Splitsville Family Law at 754-277-2272 or email him here today.