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Securing A Fair Child Support Agreement

When couples divorce, things can become rather heated along the way. When trying to finalize a child support agreement, it is important to remember this agreement is for the benefit of your children, and you should have an attorney who has the same idea in mind.

At Splitsville Family Law, you can trust Florida attorney Rand Lieber to help you secure a child support agreement that will meet you and your family’s needs.

What Influences Child Support?

When the caregiver parent of the children needs assistance in paying for the expenses of raising the children, they can apply for child support. The court typically values child support based on factors including:

  • Gross income (total income including salary, workers compensation, social security benefits, payments from rental)
  • Total expenses (such as taxes, union dues, insurance payments and child support for other children)
  • How much time do the children spend with each parent
  • The typical expenses of the children, including medical expenses, extracurricular activities and other school and clothing costs

There is not a cap on the amount of child support a parent has to pay, but it cannot exceed what they can actually afford.

Child support is not an extra paycheck for a parent, and it is meant to cover the costs of raising a child. Attorney Lieber’s goal as your family law attorney is to help you reach a child support agreement that offers your child all the resources they need to flourish.

Establishing Fair Child Support Agreements

Even if you and your spouse are pursuing an uncontested divorce or a divorce through negotiations, do not make the mistake of trying to establish child support on your own. Attorney Lieber can help you secure an effective child support agreement that will provide for your children. Call 754-277-2272 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation today.