Post-Divorce Modifications

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Modifying Or Enforcing Your Divorce Decree

After working so hard on finalizing your divorce, it can be frustrating when you either need to modify it for your ever-changing life or try to keep your ex-spouse from changing it. When you are trying to protect your best interests, regardless of what side of the attempted modification you are on, you deserve the help of a skilled attorney.

At the Hollywood office of Splitsville Family Law, you can get the skilled and dedicated representation of Florida attorney Rand Lieber. With more than 25 years of legal experience, he knows every corner of the laws surrounding divorce modifications and can help you secure the outcome you are looking for.

When Is A Modification Appropriate?

A spouse cannot modify a decree just because they do not like it; there needs to be a valid reason for the modification. Several reasons include:

  • Considerable changes in income
  • A spouse receiving alimony getting remarried
  • An increase in the cost of health care expenses
  • The desire to relocate for work or another necessary reason

With a valid reason to modify a divorce decree, a person can file a petition to modify an agreement to either change child support or alimony values, gain permission to relocate or change a time-share arrangement. Attorney Rand Lieber can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including modifying a finalized one.

Pursuing The Outcome You Need

Whether you are fighting to change your decree or trying to keep things as they are, the guidance of Attorney Rand Lieber can be a valuable asset. Call to schedule your initial consultation today at (954) 453-1120 or email him here today.

What Our Clients Say...

“Attorney Rand Lieber is absolutely amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of family law. He is the attorney you can trust when you have a problem. I have consulted with him on numerous occasions. He has always been quick to respond, and gives great legal advice. Hire him and you wont go wrong!”

– Sasha D.

“Amazing attorney! Understands your concerns and gives the best advice. Does not pressure you in choosing him as a legal attorney. Divorces are horrible and even child support is stressful. Attorney Rand has an amazing way of calming you and acting quick!”

– Alexandra V.

“While most couples who seek family therapy resolve their differences, some still pursue a divorce. For client who pursue a divorce, I strongly recommend Rand Leiber for mediation services in order for the couple to reduce costs, maintain harmony with child custody agreements, and keep the channels of communication open and respectful.”

– Doug N..

“Rand is incredibly well versed in all areas of Family Law and is an absolute pleasure to be around. You can count on Rand and Splitsville for excellent service at a fair price. He comes highly recommended!”

– Ryan T..

“I just attended a meeting where attorney, Rand Lieber was the main speaker. He was informed and professional, setting just the right tone. He is obviously very experienced and dedicated to his clients. I would refer to him with confidence.”

– Sharon P..

“Rand Lieber is an amazing attorney; he is knowledgeable, very professional and genuinely care about his clients. If you are looking for the best legal representation during a divorce call the law office of Rand Lieber.”

– Indira M.

“If someone is looking for a Family Attorney who is going to truly listen and work with you in your children’s best interest, he’s your guy.”

– Allyson T.

“Rand offers experience at reasonable prices.”

– Chelsie C.

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With more than 25 years of legal experience, attorney Rand Lieber has the knowledge to lead you on the path to a new beginning after divorce.

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