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Will dating during divorce affect the outcome of my case?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Family Law

For some people going through divorce, finding a new romantic partner is the last thing on their minds. Others are ready to start dating again soon after moving out of the house. The rest might be somewhere in between.

The key is figuring out when the right time to date again might be for you. Besides the emotions behind starting a new relationship after your marriage has ended, there may be consequences for your finances and parental rights if you date people before your divorce is final. Here are some things that might happen:

  • Your ex could suspect that you were cheating with your new partner during the marriage and drag out settlement talks to “get back” at you
  • Similarly, your ex could accuse you of spending marital funds on your partner and seek a larger share of the marital property
  • They could also try to claim that you are too focused on your new relationship and that you don’t have the time or focus to share child custody

There may be emotional consequences too. Some friends and family might judge you for rejoining the dating scene “too soon.” If you don’t handle things with sensitivity, it can worsen the pain and trauma your children are going through.

Weight the possibilities before taking the plunge

Nothing here is meant to say you absolutely should not date until your divorce is finalized. But you should carefully consider if the person is worth the potential difficulties in your divorce. Maybe they are, and once your divorce is over, the two of you will continue to enjoy a loving and fulfilling relationship.