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Divorce and the mental health of your child

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Family Law

If you have kids, there are a host of issues you need to go over with respect to getting divorced. For example, you likely need to look at legal issues such as child custody and child support. It is also important to reflect on how your divorce could impact your child.

From school performance to emotional stability, parents sometimes have various concerns when it comes to their child’s mental health following a divorce. It is imperative to do everything you can to support your child’s best interests and help them adjust to changes if you are ending your marriage.

Potential concerns regarding children and divorce

The National Center for Biotechnology Information covered research on how a child’s parents getting divorced can affect them from a mental point of view. Research shows that some children struggle in school and also deal with depression in the wake of a divorce. Sometimes, children worry about both parents attending important events, such as a graduation or wedding.

Divorce is also associated with a higher risk of children engaging in dangerous sexual behavior and living in poverty.

Moving forward with divorce as a parent

It is important to note that divorce can also benefit children, especially if it prevents children from becoming exposed to domestic violence in the home. Furthermore, divorce can benefit mothers involved in dysfunctional marriages.

You should do everything you can to minimize the impact divorce has on your child’s mental well-being. For example, working with your child’s other parent in an amicable manner can reduce tension and help resolve disputes that arise during divorce peacefully.